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Dream Kitchen and Bath Shop offers remodeling and design services for your kitchens, bathrooms, and closet spaces.

American Kitchen Decoration Suggestions

Today, kitchens stand out as places where we not only cook but also socialize. American kitchens, which have elegance, practicality and functionality in their essence, enable us to make the best use of this social space. If your living room and kitchen are in the

Gorgeous Bathroom Decoration Ideas

If you’re afraid of going into your old bathroom and dreaming of a change, we have a new list of bathroom decorating ideas that are inexpensive and easy to do. The most important project you can do for a bathroom renovation is a lighting upgrade.

Enjoy Perfect Bathroom Decoration In 10 Steps

Every corner of our house is very important, and that’s why we want to furnish all living spaces from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom in accordance with your taste. One of the places where we are most enjoyable

Winter Preparation Tips In The Kitchen

After a long and beautiful summer, preparations for winter have begun in the kitchens. The sweet rush of filling deep freezers and preparing canned food swept all homes. It’s time to put your beautiful fruits and vegetables in the freezers for winter preparation! If jams

Bathroom Decoration In 5 Steps

Showing the bathroom, which is usually one of the smallest areas of the house, stylish and spacious is actually much easier than you think! If you want to get a bathroom decoration that is both useful and stylish, you can take a look at the

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7 Golden Tips For Kitchen Decoration

1- A larger area Especially in kitchens with limited working space; While creating the kitchen decoration, functional working, storage and living areas play a big role. Shelving systems, multi-drawer cabinets and portable table sets that you can mount on kitchen walls can be your savior.


Tips to Decorate Small Bathrooms

Although small bathrooms may seem difficult to use, on the contrary, they make it possible to design the space in accordance with your needs and aesthetically, with designs that are functional and easy to store. Here’s what to do!   Open Shelves and Wall Mounted