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Virginia Beach Kitchen Decoration Suggestions

Today, kitchens stand out as places where we not only cook but also socialize. American kitchens, which have elegance, practicality and functionality in their essence, enable us to make the best use of this social space. If your living room and kitchen are in the same area, you can create a stylish and useful space by taking a look at the American kitchen decoration suggestions of Ayberk Altıbudaklı, one of the Vivense Interior Architects.

Bench selection

In the American kitchen, the island counter or desk is one of the most popular choices. You can make your space useful and stylish with a high table and bar chairs of your choice.

Color preferences

When choosing an American kitchen cabinet, you can create a spacious area by choosing light tones. You can separate the kitchen from the living room with bar chairs, a dining table or a corner sofa set. If you want to create contrast, you can use objects of different colors.

In general, black, white and gray tones come to the fore in a modern American kitchen. You can achieve a harmony that does not tire the eyes by using different tones of these colors in the kitchen and living room.


If you have a small American kitchen, you can divide the walls into shelving to create additional storage spaces. Thus, you can display your excess items and decorative objects on the wall shelves.