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How to Decorate Your Minimalist Kitchen in Virginia Beach

Spices, small white goods, dishwasher and many more details… The kitchen is one of the places where the density of goods is highest at home. That’s why we feel the simplicity and peaceful effect of minimalism best in the kitchen. So, how should a minimalist kitchen be?

First of all, let’s say this: Minimalism does not have to present a monotonous image dominated by one color. For example, on the one hand, you can benefit from the clean appearance of white, on the other hand, you can preserve the liveliness of the kitchen. If you are ready, let’s find out what minimalist kitchen decoration ideas are, start the change in your home.

Minimalist Home Decor Motto: Use White Color

white kitchen decoration

Decoration ideas for the minimalist kitchen alluded to the use of white color. Fortunately, minimalism has merged with modern kitchen decoration, resulting in a wider color palette. Let’s take a look at the suggestions that will turn the kitchen away from the cold image and turn it into a simple living space:

  • To get rid of the crowded image in your kitchen, first determine a color palette. Paint the wall a color that will create a clean background, such as white or gray. For other areas, choose soft pastel colors or use contrasting colors such as white and black.
  • Prefer natural colors such as blue, brown, green on shelves, chairs or machine coverings.
  • The fact that the cabinets are in a light color such as white and ivory, although it creates a clean appearance, removes the feeling of warmth. Considering that the kitchen is a frequently polluted place, it does not seem like an ideal option. Instead of a light color, choose a textured pattern, such as marble, that contains several tones.
  • Black and white kitchen decoration is one of the options that allows you to create a minimalism effect. Try the combination of white wall color and black kitchen countertop.

Minimalist Furniture Connotations: Benefit from the Naturalness of Wood

Harmony of wood and kitchen

You used a light tone as the dominant color, pastel or dark colors as an accent color in your kitchen. Now it’s your turn to make a smooth transition between these two colors you have chosen. We recommend that you take advantage of the naturalness of wood that reflects the timeless beauty and minimalism.

You can capture the naturalness of the Scandinavian decoration style with the combination of white, yellow and light brown. Let’s not go without saying that dark woods such as walnut and cherry are also perfectly compatible with light colors. In addition, the area where the wood is used is also very important. Instead of a large table or island bench, you can choose minimalist furniture options such as stools and folding tables.

The Key to Minimalism in the Kitchen: Handleless Furniture

The harmony of brown and white in the kitchen

Have you decorated your kitchen with a minimalist color palette, but you couldn’t get the tidy look you wanted? Remember, the secret of simplicity is in the details. Now, turn your gaze to the items that take up the most space in the kitchen, namely the cabinets.

First of all, turn open shelves into closed cabinets to get rid of glass-plate clutter. Use handleless kitchen cabinets to capture the sense of integrity. Handleless kitchen cabinets create a smooth appearance like a wall. Cover the surface of the dishwasher with furniture so that the dishwasher does not appear in a different color. Prefer ready-made kitchen cabinets with built-in modules for the harmony of the refrigerator and washing machine with the cabinets.

Alternative for White Kitchen Decoration: Diversify Lighting Options

Modern Luxury Kitchen

Even if the light-colored minimalist kitchen decoration examples have the simplicity you want, can’t you resist the charm of dark colors? Do not worry; It is possible to make a minimalist decoration in which colors such as gray, black and burgundy dominate. In order to preserve the sense of spaciousness that minimalism gives, it is sufficient to include different lighting solutions in your kitchen.

If you live in a detached house, we recommend making a big difference: Big windows. You can open large and multiple windows to the exterior of the kitchen to invite sunlight, which is the most natural form of lighting. If you live in a place where major renovations are difficult, such as an apartment, you can consider different lighting solutions. As a minimalist option, you can place recessed spots on the cabinets. On the table, you can use a chandelier with a thin design that can be installed with multiple bulbs.

Finishing Touches: Bring the Kitchen to Life with Accessories

Minimalism also brings the concept of sustainability. You can reflect this on your decoration preferences as well as the environmentalist choices you will make in your kitchen. A minimal table with plant drawings and plants in small pots are good examples of this.

In addition to evoking sustainability, you can also use decorative objects to add vitality to the kitchen. For example, in a white, green and brown kitchen, a picture in a yellow frame can add warmth to the space.

Bonus: Minimalist Kitchenware That Brings Simplicity One Step Closer

Compatible jar arrangement on kitchen shelves

You now have a minimalist style kitchen with the use of color, furniture preference and lighting. To complete this image, you should also find a solution to the materials that make the kitchen crowded. Start by removing materials such as towel holders and spice racks that hang behind the kitchen counter. You can place intermediate shelves inside your cabinets, and you can add organizing sections inside the drawers. Thus, you can easily find a place for these items that you may need at any time.

Second step: Kitchen table decoration. The kitchen table is a place where as much material as the counter is put. The kitchen table with drawers is a good option to eliminate this density of items. You can also have a small cabinet made in your kitchen for items such as bread boxes and napkins, or you can evaluate your existing cabinets.