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Enjoy the Perfect Bathroom Decor in Virginia Beach in 10 Steps

Every corner of our house is very important, and that’s why we want to furnish all living spaces from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom in accordance with your taste. One of the places where we are most enjoyable is the bathrooms.

But while it is possible to create big effects with small changes such as a frame, curtain and carpet renewal in the living room or bedroom, decoration ideas for bathrooms do not come to our minds much.

However, it is not as difficult as it seems to create both very useful and pleasant bathrooms in bathrooms, which are mostly used as hygiene and care areas. You can create wonders in your bathroom with radical changes or small touches. Here are the perfect bathroom decoration ideas in 10 steps as a decoration guide that you can easily apply:

1- Determine Your Style First

Before you start to change the air of your bathroom; You can start by deciding which country, modern, classic or sports style you will apply. Each style helps you create a different atmosphere. For example; While country style flowers and soft colors come to the fore, geometric patterns and pastel colors are preferred in modern style. In modern bathrooms, you can use simple colors and use various candles and scents to add mobility. If you say “classic” is my style, you can have a classic and ostentatious bathroom decoration if you use gold-colored accessories together with dark and vibrant colors. On the other hand, in sports decoration, the decoration style in which practicality is at the forefront rather than colors and style is preferred. spotlights,

2- Renew Bathroom Faucets

Unfortunately, after a certain period of use, bathroom faucets may darken due to steam and humidity. Blackened or outdated faucets create a bad image in your bathroom. Although it may seem like a small change, you can add both innovation and comfort to your bathroom by changing the shower set, toilet head, sink and shower mixer. You can create big changes in your bathroom with small touches by choosing any of the on-off, photocell or classical faucets, and you can achieve a more useful bathroom with shower heads with different functions such as larger head or more water spray feature.

3- Bathroom Lighting is Important

Although chandeliers are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to lighting, many different illuminators can be used in bathrooms, from spotlights to cabinet lighting, from wall sconces to mirror lamps. 2 sconces that you can mount next to the bathroom mirror or spotlights that you can add to the ceiling can make the environment look brighter and more spacious. When you want to create a very different style, you can add a warm atmosphere to your bathroom by using a pendant chandelier. You can achieve a different ambiance by positioning the pendant chandelier not on the middle ceiling of your bathroom, but over your bathtub.

4- Prefer Wallpaper Instead of Tiles

In environments that get wet quickly, such as bathrooms, tiles, which we call tiles, are generally used. In the new decoration trends, wallpaper is preferred as well as bathroom tile models. You can add a more dynamic and warm atmosphere to your bathroom thanks to water-resistant wallpapers special for bathrooms. When applying bathroom wallpapers, you can only cover the wall with the mirror and the sink with paper, or you can divide the wall into two from the bottom up. In terms of style, you can create an exotic atmosphere with floral-patterned wallpapers, and you can create a modern style with geometric patterns.

5- Create New Bathrooms with New Cabinets

Changing bathroom furniture can seem like a strenuous task. Don’t worry, portable and practical bathroom cabinet models make your job much easier when redecorating your bathroom. For example; You can completely renew the area where your mirror and sink are located, or you can put additional cabinets next to your existing cabinets if you wish. If you want to make a simple innovation, you can choose open shelf system cabinets to make room for your towels and decorate the open shelves with decorative products. In addition, we recommend using dark cabinets on light walls and light bathroom cabinets on dark floors to create a harmonious atmosphere.

6- Use Bathroom Accessories

How about changing the atmosphere of the environment with accessories that complement the bathrooms? For example; It is possible to add dynamism to your bathroom, where plain and plain colors are used, with vibrantly colored towels and mats. You can change the bathroom sets, add a difference to the environment with a colorful dustbin or a wicker laundry basket. You can place knitted boxes designed from fibers on your wooden cabinets, and you can use modern style organizing boxes for decorative purposes. If you want to create a trendy look in your bathroom, small plants and candles help you to give a Spa atmosphere. In the choice of bathroom mirror, it may go beyond the classical models designed for the bathroom; You can choose framed, patterned or gilded mirror models. Even as a practical idea, You can consider using your mirror in the bathroom, which you bought for another area and no longer want to use it there. You can also use rugs instead of bath mats, and save your bathroom from being ordinary with ethnic or floral patterns.

7- Repair Shower Cabins and Tubs

The bathroom is a very common space. Therefore, deformations may occur around the shower cabins and bathtubs due to use. But don’t let these deformities discourage you! You can easily destroy bad images with minor repairs. For example, the silicone you will apply to the sides of the shower cabin and around the tub can make your bathroom look more hygienic. You can practically replace shower cabin windows with lime stains or different stereotyped stains with easily applicable products in DIY stores. In addition, you will prevent problems such as water leakage when you apply ductile iron to the areas of the bathtubs that come into contact with the tiles.

8- Don’t Say Towel Pan

Even if the most basic function of radiators is heating, it is a fact that they affect your bathroom visually. There are different types of towel warmers, which offer comfort in narrow spaces, according to taste and use. For example; rectangular, long and thin models are preferred for more space saving, while square and oval designed models add a modern atmosphere to your bathroom. In addition to these, you can use square towel rails as shelves, and you can dry your bathrobe and damp towels in wall-mounted models with thin hangers.

9- Benefit from the Power of Colors

Sometimes a pipe, air vent, and sometimes old furniture can create an unpleasant image in the environment. Even just changing this image will make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing. You can create liveliness in bathroom decoration by painting your pipes visible under the sink with a colorful spray paint. You can stick special waterproof stickers for bathrooms to the ventilation drains, so you can get a fun look. If you do not want to replace your old furniture with a new one, you can paint it with paints suitable for the material it is used in, and beautify your living space.

10- Provide Comfort with Practical Solutions

Bathrooms need to be useful and practical as well as having a beautiful decoration. Many products, from sockets to organizers, magnifying mirrors to cabinet lamps, provide convenience in bathrooms. For example, you can hang the hair dryer, which is one of the most used products in the bathroom, inside your cabinet door, and you can easily access it when you need it. As for the shelves that you will make inside the shower cabin or at the head of your bathtub; You can use it practically by placing the materials you will use in the shower such as shampoo, cream and washcloth.