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Imagine entering a lavishly built bathroom with extraordinary designs and well-installed tile and tubs! You can design your bathroom in your own style within your budget. We believe in redecorating and redesigning your bathroom spaces so that you can have the functionality you need and the look you desire.


Projects completed around the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News. Call us for a FREE QUOTE

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Our team will design within your budget and we are happy to offer up the 12 months of 0% financing to help you achieve your dream room.

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Our professional designers and decorators will create a design based on your needs.

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Based on 35 reviews
Tom Steiger
Tom Steiger
Excellent result for bathroom tub replacement to a walk in shower. Price was very competitive. Highly recommend and will use for future home improvements
Yi-Chen Yang
Yi-Chen Yang
We have been very with the quality of the cabinets and reedesign of our kitchen. Mr. Celik did a great job in redesigning our kitchen and helping us with the product selection. Quality is top notch and price was very competitive. We plan to work with him when we are ready to redo our bathroom.
Our dreams come thorough with Dream Kitchen. We found best possible options with high quality cabinets at an affordable price. Most important my wife is happy. Especially when the quality coupled with efficiency we have been more than happy. We like soft-close doors and drawers. Natural wood drawers and plywood sides are strong and durable while modern look and seamless paint provides contemporary finish. You will not regret shopping with Dream Kitchen and Bath Shop.
Heather and Michael Mixon
Heather and Michael Mixon
I had new cabinets and countertop installed. The workers went above and beyond to make sure that this project went through. Even when we ran into issues, they did their best to resolve them. I would certainly recommended for anybody who is looking for a kitchen design.
Fernard Reed
Fernard Reed
Great quality, amazing work. Remodeled all kitchen cabinets, built a coffee shop area and installed our kitchen appliances. I strongly recommend to use this company for your kitchen remodeling.
Dolores Butler
Dolores Butler
I like my kitchen they are professional I recommend everyone .especially my kitchen island I loved it.!!!!
David Brinkman
David Brinkman
These are the before and after pictures. The team was very experienced and friendly. The were a joy to work with and accommodating to me. I highly recommend Dream Kitchen and Bath to anyone.
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Our professional designers and decorators will create a design based on your needs.





Dream Kitchen And
Bath Shop

Our commitment lies in offering you our wide range of modern, traditional and classic bathroom makeover services. We offer a wide range of remodeling options, you can build your dream bathroom with our experts. Our team handles projects in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News.


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Welcome To

Dream Kitchen And
Bath Shop



Elevate Your Home with Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia Beach

Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia Beach: Transforming Spaces, One Room at a Time

When it comes to home improvement projects, few endeavors can revamp your living space quite like bathroom remodeling. And if you’re a homeowner in the beautiful coastal city of Virginia Beach, you’re in the perfect place to embark on this transformative journey. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of bathroom remodeling in Virginia Beach, discussing its numerous benefits, the latest trends, and indispensable tips to embark on a successful bathroom renovation project.

Why Choose Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia Beach?

The decision to embark on a bathroom remodeling project is a significant one, and Virginia Beach is an ideal canvas for this creative endeavor. Here’s why homeowners in this coastal haven are opting for bathroom renovations:

  1. Coastal Elegance

Virginia Beach’s coastal location serves as a wellspring of inspiration for bathroom remodels. You can infuse your bathroom design with coastal elements such as soothing color palettes, natural textures, and nautical accents. This approach creates a bathroom that mirrors the serene beauty of Virginia Beach’s shoreline.

  1. Enhanced Property Value

Investing in bathroom remodeling not only improves your living space but also bolsters the value of your Virginia Beach home. In a competitive real estate market, an updated bathroom can make your property more appealing to potential buyers, potentially leading to a higher resale value.

  1. Personalized Style

Your bathroom is a canvas for personal expression. In Virginia Beach, where coastal aesthetics reign supreme, a bathroom remodel empowers you to weave this local charm into your home. Create a personalized space that harmonizes with your preferences while capturing the essence of the city.

Embracing Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Virginia Beach

To ensure your bathroom remodel seamlessly integrates with Virginia Beach’s coastal allure, consider these trending design elements:

  1. Coastal Chic Vibes

Infuse your bathroom with the coastal charm of Virginia Beach by incorporating beach-inspired aesthetics. Think soft, beachy color palettes, natural materials like driftwood and seashells, and nautical accents like rope handles and marine-themed decor. These elements transport you to the serene shores of Virginia Beach daily.

  1. Spa-like Retreats

Create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom by incorporating luxurious features such as freestanding tubs, rainfall showerheads, and heated flooring. Virginia Beach’s coastal environment makes it the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate in your private sanctuary.

  1. Elegant Tilework

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with elegant tilework. Consider using intricate mosaic tiles, subway tiles, or even coastal-inspired patterns to add depth and character to your space. Well-chosen tilework can be a focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of your bathroom.

  1. Sustainable Design

Incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly design elements into your bathroom remodel. Opt for water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and recycled or repurposed materials. Virginia Beach’s commitment to environmental conservation aligns perfectly with sustainable bathroom design.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel in Virginia Beach

Now that you’re inspired by the latest trends in bathroom remodeling, let’s embark on the planning stage of your project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to set you on the path to a revitalized bathroom:

  1. Set a Realistic Budget

Establish a budget that aligns with your financial comfort zone. Your budget will serve as your guiding compass throughout the project, enabling you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

  1. Identify Your Needs and Lifestyle

Consider your family’s needs and lifestyle when planning your bathroom remodel. Determine if you require additional storage, updated fixtures, or specific features like a walk-in shower or double vanity. Compile a comprehensive list of your requirements.

  1. Choose a Design Style

Select a design style that resonates with your personal preferences and complements the overall aesthetic of your home. Whether you prefer a coastal-inspired look or lean towards modern minimalism, having a clear style in mind streamlines decision-making.

  1. Find a Reputable Contractor

Hiring a reputable and experienced contractor is instrumental in the success of your bathroom remodel. Seek out contractors in Virginia Beach with a track record of delivering quality work and a portfolio that aligns with your vision.

  1. Plan the Bathroom Layout

Collaborate closely with your contractor to design the layout of your bathroom. Consider the placement of fixtures, storage options, and the overall flow of the space to ensure optimal functionality and convenience.

  1. Select Materials and Finishes

Choose materials and finishes that not only enhance aesthetics but also meet your durability and maintenance requirements. Keep in mind Virginia Beach’s coastal climate when selecting materials to ensure they withstand humidity and salt air.

  1. Obtain Necessary Permits

Depending on the scope of your remodel, you may need permits from the city of Virginia Beach. Collaborate with your contractor to navigate the permitting process, ensuring compliance with all regulations.

  1. Initiate the Renovation Process

Once all planning and preparations are complete, it’s time to commence the renovation. While some disruption to your daily routine is inevitable, the end goal—a stunningly remodeled bathroom—is well worth it.

  1. Monitor Progress Closely

Stay actively engaged with your contractor and monitor the progress of the project regularly. Clear and open communication ensures that any issues or changes are addressed promptly, keeping the project on track and within your desired timeline.

  1. Revel in Your New Bathroom

Upon completion of the remodeling project, take the time to savor the fruits of your labor. Pamper yourself with long, luxurious baths or invigorating showers in your new bathroom retreat, and create moments of serenity in a space that truly embodies the beauty and charm of Virginia Beach.


Bathroom remodeling in Virginia Beach offers a gateway to enhancing your home’s value, functionality, and style while embracing the coastal allure of this captivating city. Whether you’re infusing your bathroom with coastal chic vibes or creating a spa-like sanctuary, Virginia Beach provides the perfect canvas for your dream bathroom. So, let your creativity flow, plan your project thoughtfully, and watch as your bathroom transforms into a personal oasis that reflects the beauty and charm of Virginia Beach.